Sunday, April 6, 2014


I  have a New Website up and running. Hope you will check it out  !!

Heaven Is For Real - Official Trailer - In Theaters Easter 2014

This movie looks absolutely Wonderful !  I know I will cry and cry !

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014


It is so hard to believe that tomorrow will be our 40th Wedding Anniversary ! We have had 40 years of living on our farm , raising two daughters  and enjoying our five grand kids. We are so very lucky to live on this beautiful farm , in the old farmhouse my husband grew up in. For years we have walked up the lane towards our mountain ground and the view is incredible !
We have worked our farm , growing crops , baling and unloading hay and straw  . We have probably unloaded at least a million bales in 40 years!
We have had thousands of family picnics over those 40 years. We had loads of great food and fun. We always had a fire and we all sat around and talked and enjoyed our time together . Sometimes my brother brought his guitar and played music for us.
We had a very small wedding . My dress was made by a  relative. It was a blue flower print long dress. I can still remember my flowers. They were white carnations with a  tinted blue edge with baby's breath  .
We had our reception a couple of weeks later . It was held at our Fire Hall. We all made the food and
decorated the Hall. The Hall was filled with lots of family and good friends to share our life . We ended up having to stop the reception early....the power went out !
I can't believe how young and skinny we were  ! LOL ! Where did the years go ? We have raised two wonderful daughters who we are very proud of ! 
When I look back on our 40 years there have been many happy, wonderful times ! Years of taking the girls to the barn . First as babies in a stroller  . Then as they got older they had chores to do at the barn. They would help feed calves, clean out the troughs, sweep floors  and other chores. A farm is a wonderful place to raise kids. So many fun things to do and so many places to explore ! I know they have very special memories of growing up here . 
Our five grandkids have all spent hours with us over the years on the farm. It was always one of their favorite places to be when they were growing up ! Getting tractor rides with Papee, playing in the barn, petting the cows and calves . A lot of our cows were names by the grandkids , using the names of their favorite cartoon characters.

We have had so many wonderful memories over these 40 years . Some of them also sad . The year milk prices were so low was a terrible year. We thought for sure we would lose our farm and our home . There were so many nights I would sit outside in the yard  and cry , worried sick we were finished! One  night as I was sitting outside , Jim came out and saw me crying. He came over , put his arm around me and I cry and cry. He hugs me and tells me it will be ok. We will make it through this . And we did , with help from family and friends  . We were blessed ! We have had so many blessings over these 40 years together  . I feel so very lucky to have this wonderful man !  Of course there are plenty of days I could bop him over the head or throw him out a window too !
In August  my parents will also celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary . This summer we are having a big party to celebrate both our Anniversary's together . Family is coming up from Florida to celebrate with us. It will be a time of fun  and family   and wonderful memories !

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Site ~~ Zibbet

I am now selling on another site . It is called Zibbet . Here is the link to my shop .

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Snow Aagin !

I can't remember a more snowy winter  !  We got more snow yesterday and some ice in central PA. We probably got another 8 " . We were lucky ....  some places in PA are without power because of heavy ice. My husband plows for the Township and went out about 4 am. Then got home and had to fire up the tractor and plow our lane . Now they are calling for  maybe another storm on Sunday .  But the grandkids are loving it  ! The littlest grandson loves to be out side ! Yesterday he and I walked out the lane and got the mail. Then we shoveled a path to the bird feeders and fed the birds.  He loved it  !